About Me

Who am I you might ask?  

Well I love to take photos and edit them, I love to listen to music, but can’t play an instrument.  I love riding my 1979 Honda motorcycle.  I love researching my family tree.

I live to travel and explore.  I love The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and True Blood.  I recently became addicted to reading.

I work in the Health, Safety and Environment field as an HSE coordinator for an Oilfield Asset Management company.  I have, over the last 3 years lost over 175 pounds and am looking at a healthier and happier future.  I am a pure bred Irish-Canadian lass, so that puts me in the VERY stubborn and VERY opinionated category…but extremely funny and easy to get along with…unless you don’t see my point of view then we might have words…

I like Guinness and whiskey, baseball and soccer. I enjoy camping and bonfires, hanging with friends and family. I love to drive!

I play XBox 360 and Playstation 4, I love the Saskatchewan Roughriders, my long haired Chihuahua Oliver and my cranky but loveable Puss Buddy.


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